Hank's Feature Length Collection

In an effort to avoid working for a living, Hank and the crew hit the road and shot a couple feature films and a summer camp web series. Best watched with beers.

Hank Patterson’s Reel Montana Adventure!

Trout Unlimited Presents, Hank Patterson’s Reel Montana Adventure! This feature length film follows World Renowned Fly Fishing Expert Hank Patterson, his crew, cousin Wally and many new friends on a hilarious, eleven day fly fishing roadie across the great state of Montana. Along the way Hank pays homage to his hero Norman Maclean, falls in and out of love, casts into many famous Montana rivers and hooks up on his first ever Montana trout.

Mystery Of The CuttyRainBrown

Hank Patterson And The Mystery Of The CuttyRainBrown! documents Hank’s quest to become the first human ever to catch the mythical CuttyRainBrown trout on a fly rod. The story takes him and his crew to all six corners of the state of Idaho, into Montana, in and out of fly shops, and down many of Hank’s favorite trout fishing rivers. Join Hank as he deals with crazy hitchhikers, kidnappings, ex-girlfriend yoga instructors, and many more twists and turns in this truly one of a kind fly fishing film that is sure to become one of the most memorable and hard to believe fishing tales of all time.

How To Make An Award Winning Film Tour Film

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Hank Patterson’s Camp Hawgadawgadaa

When world renowned fly fishing expert and guide, Hank Patterson loses his job, his girlfriend and his memory all on the same day, he suddenly finds himself accepting the job as Camp Director at the nations most successful summer camp, Camp Blatherton. With only a few days till kid campers arrive, Hank begins reshaping the camp and its counselors in his own unorthodox image! Goodbye Camp Blatherton… Hello, Camp Hawgadawgadaa!! Camp Hawgadawgadaa is a SIX EPISODE web series available on Amazon, Amazon Prime & Vimeo!